Money Management Solutions Features Cash Flow Management Software

laptop with Cash Flow Mojo Onscreen

Naples, Florida (November 26, 2013) – Money Management Solutions, Inc. is featuring Cash Flow Mojo®, their new software for cash flow management that can help business owners have more control over their finances. The program helps them handle money matters more efficiently by enabling them to properly monitor and manage expenses, cash flow, income, and […]

Business Cash Flow Management Budgeting Basics

Cash Flow Budget

I was recently asked by one of my clients, who is new to using the Cash Flow Mojo® software, to explain cash flow management budgeting basics so he could understand it better. Here is how I answered that request. When it comes to creating a budget, you are actually doing three different things in that […]

How to Manage Your Business Cash Flow Like A Millionaire

laptop with Cash Flow Mojo Onscreen

How to Manage Your Business Cash Flow Like A Millionaire Hi, Sandra Simmons here from Money Management Solutions to share one of the key missing steps that you need to do to manage your business cash flow like a millionaire does. First, let me tell you that successful business cash flow management is a very […]

Cash Flow Management Rule – Don’t Fly Without A Parachute

Cash Flow Management Rule - Have A Parachute

There are some really important cash flow management rules when you are piloting your business. One critical rule for business owners is – don’t fly without a parachute. According to the Associated Press story in August 2013, two experienced F-16 fighter pilots clipped wings in a mid-air collision. One pilot managed to fly his plane […]