Business Cash Flow Management And Internet Advertising Is Like Shooting Hoops

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Business Cash Flow Management And Internet Advertising Is Like Shooting Hoops

I really love helping business owners with their cash flow management and internet advertising, so I spend the majority of my days sitting at my desk working on the computer and phone. It seems that the work never ends. There are hundreds of thousands of small business owners out there who need help on their finance lines.

The sedentary working life isn’t good for my health, so Brian, my Chief Operating Officer and I like to get out and get some exercise. It makes us feel better and clears our heads; and that makes us more efficient when we are at our desks.

Yesterday it was cold in Florida, so instead of going for a long walk outside, Brian wanted to go to the gym and shoot hoops on the basketball court instead. Okay, I was game for something new, so I decided I’d go along and learn to shoot hoops and get my work out that way.


First thing I had to learn was how to hold the basketball and the basic technique of flipping my wrist to propel the ball up and toward the hoop. Once I had that down it was learning about where to look when I was shooting the ball so it would go through the hoop.

I quickly realized that if I aimed dead center at the rim of the hoop that I could be a little off to the left or right with my shot and it would still go through. Then it became how much energy I put into shooting the ball. Too little and the ball would not get up and over the rim. Too much and it would bounce off the backboard or just fly over the hoop.

I started thinking about business cash flow management and promotion using internet advertising to increase income in relation to shooting hoops. Once you have the basic fundamentals down you can make the basket [get the customer sale] almost every shot.

Aiming for the correct income planning target, and using the power of cash flow planning and promoting gets you the win of more sales almost every time. Tweaking the aim of your promotional efforts with the right message to the right audience captures the customer. The incorrect message to the right customer can bounce right off the backboard and get you nothing in return.

Using a correct message to an incorrect audience is like shooting hoops without using the correct technique, without aiming dead center on the target, and with the incorrect amount of power. The promotion flies right over the target into space and scores you nothing.CashFlowMojoSoftware-2

You also have to know where you are in relation to the basket [target audience] so you have to know where that audience is to find them and get them to take in the promotional message. The old adage, fish where the fish are, is even more meaningful today since we are in the age of internet advertising.

To be honest, that is why we started a second company doing internet advertising for our clients. They say they love our business cash flow management software; that it is indeed getting them to their financial goals, but they need more sales to have more money to plan with to reach their goals faster.

In internet advertising, the correct technique is to use every available avenue to reach the customer where they are when they use the internet. We use these techniques consistently to get in front of the customers who are shopping for a particular product or service. We use numerous research tools on the internet to find out exactly how something is being searched for on the internet, so the search engines dish up the correct answer.

Then we take that knowledge and package it into the scripts for voiceovers for internet video ads, use it to write articles and produce podcasts and many other services that get the clients’ ads in front of the person who is shopping for that product or service at the exact instant they ask for it.

Internet Advertising Works For You 24/7/365

Now I’m not saying that off-line marketing is no longer valid. Direct mail can still work great. Internet advertising is just more in “real time” and talks to the potential customer when they are looking for that product or service.CashFlowMojoSoftware-3

With a piece of direct mail, your investment is working for you as longas the customer is holding it in their hand, before it goes in a drawer or in the trash. Internet video ads, articles and listings are there working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with no additional financial expenditure. Your chance of getting a great return on your advertising investment multiplies exponentially.

The game then becomes how fresh and relevant your content is in your internet video ads, articles, etc. so that the search engines recognize your stuff as being fresh, relevant content that they are willing to dish up to the customer who is searching on the internet for that specific product or service. The other aspect that is really important is how wide the distribution is on the internet of each ad. For example, we distribute ads to over 80 media channels, listings to over 140 directories, and we don’t stop there. We aim dead center for the exact customers that are asking to buy with the ads we create for our clients.

So next time you get ready to shoot hoops with your company’s money, make sure you are using the best technique and aiming dead center at the correct target.

P.S. If you want to learn more about internet advertising and how it can help your company, contact Brian at He can research your company and compare how it’s doing in relation to your competitors. And you can schedule a personal online consultation and get an analysis report of how you are doing reaching your target audience on the internet, and he can share it with you while you are sitting right at your computer in the comfort of your own office or home.

P.P.S. To see an example of an internet advertising video we produced for our own company click here