Cash Flow Management Tip – How Safe Is Your Bank?

Cash Flow Management Tip – How Safe Is Your Bank?

When it comes to YOUR MONEY and your bank, there are 4 questions you should be asking…

1 – How safe is my bank?

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How Safe Is Your Bank?

Is your bank on the “Likely To Fail” list?

2 – Is my bank on the “likely to fail” list?

There are many banks rated D or worse. That number has declined a little due to the government’s “Too Big To Fail” bailouts, but it is still a risky business.

3 – If my bank fails, what happens to MY money, And will the FDIC protection be there?

4 – What can I do right now to protect my money?

Cash Flow Management expert, Sandra Simmons, gives you answers to these questions right now, and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

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Don’t get caught not knowing what’s likely to happen to your money in your bank.Find out how safe your bank is and what you can do to protect yourself.

BONUS! – you’ll also learn how to check up on the insurance companies you count on to protect your life, health, property & casualty, and HMO medical plans! Get their ratings too!

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Cash Flow Management Tip – How Safe Is Your Bank?


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