Keeping You Out of the Gun Sights of the IRS

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“I keep my business owner clients out of the gun sights of the IRS,” said Sandra Simmons, “while helping them boost their income and get more profitable. I can proudly say that in all the years I have spent doing accounting, cash flow management coaching and preparing tax returns, I have never had a client get audited. I keep up with the tax codes and know the IRS’s audit trigger categories.

I can spend a half hour reviewing a Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet and know what is wrong financially with a company, and at the same time find 4 or 5 things they are doing, or their accountant is doing, that could trigger an audit.

I have used my cash flow management software and coaching programs to dig companies out of debt, pull them back from bankruptcy, and in cases where the business is generating more cash than it needs, stop the waste so that the business owner can get maximum cash into retirement accounts so they can eventually pull the trigger on their chosen exit strategy and retire without having to worry about money.

Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our country’s economy. If they fail, we all suffer from the effects. I am doing my part to keep those businesses open, solvent and growing. It truly is my passion.