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“How can I make more money AND increase my profits?”

Most business owners think that increasing sales is the answer, and while that certainly is part of the equation, it’s NOT the whole answer.

A business can bring in lots of income and still be struggling to survive.

On the other hand, some businesses bring in a comparatively modest amount of income and are in great financial shape.

Why is this?

It’s simple. It has everything to do with how the business USES the income that determines its financial condition.

If you’re like most business owners, you are super busy running your company.

So let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend planning how to utilize the most important resource your business has — its cash flow — to guarantee you achieve your financial goals?

Money management planning is the missing step. It’s the step that business owners were never trained to do. That’s why I created the Business Checklist to Increase Profits.


What is the Business Profits Checklist?

It’s a list of money management planning steps that you can use to guarantee that your business income is used to attain your best financial advantage and maximize profits.

Why do you need this checklist?

This checklist points out not only WHAT TO DO and WHY to do it, but also HOW to do each step — this eliminates the usual accompanying headaches that result when you don’t have a proven action plan to follow.

This checklist saves you from wasting a tremendous amount of talent, time, and money, regardless of the size of your company.

It’s the road map for the at-the-desk or in-the-board-room money management planning session where real solutions get hammered out.

It has worked for sole proprietors to Fortune 500 corporations because it is based on fundamental, time-tested business money management principles, and it can work for you.

The Checklist answers critical questions and provides detailed steps for you to drive up sales AND profits, all in a format that is easy to understand and and execute!

Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

Staff Management


How can I get my staff to produce more sales and income for the company?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 5)

What is the best way to keep my staff from wasting money?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 10)

How can I make sure my staff meets their production targets?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 13)

What is a workable strategic plan for the company to become debt-free and cash rich?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 7)

Cash Resources


Where are some sources of quick cash hidden on my business premises?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 8)

Company Expenses


How should I pay for unexpected emergencies that arise in my business?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 11)

What is a fail-safe way to spend less than I make each week?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 22)

Advertising and Promotion


How much money should I use for advertising and promotion expenses?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 14)

Cost of Goods and Profit Margins


What is the best way to manage my cost of goods sold – inventory, supplies, subcontract labor?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 15)

How do I insure I’m making an adequate profit margin?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 16)



How often should I raise my prices to keep up with the cost of doing business?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 18)



How should I decide whether or not to discontinue a product or service?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 19)

Research and Development


How would I decide which new products to offer my customers?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 20)

Company Debt and Liabilities


How can I quickly pay off my credit debt?

(Find out the answer in checklist point # 21)

Money Management Planning


How can I do all my money management planning in less than 20 minutes per week?

(Find the answer on page 17)

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Sandra Simmons

Sandra Simmons

“My name is Sandra Simmons. After holding executive marketing management positions with Fortune 500 corporations for many years and having a small business on the side, I decided to leave the corporate world of employment and become a full time business owner. I incorporated my company in 1994. The goal? I wanted to help business owners, whether that help came in the form of boosted sales and profits or in help to turn around a failing business and make it successful.

Being a business owner can be challenging indeed. The Business Checklist to Increase Profits covers 22 strategies that you can put into action to boost your business profits. These actions work for me, and for my clients. They can work for you too, wherever you are located in the world, whatever business you own. Use them and see for yourself how they can work for your business too.

Successful business owners speak about the Checklist to Increase Profits…

A Gold-Mine of Information

“This checklist is the greatest gold-mine of information to organize your cash flow and increase your profits ever crammed into one product.” – D.L. – Dentistry

Mystery Solved!

“This power-packed checklist solved the mystery about what to do to increase my business profits. I had already figured out ways to immediately increase my profits before I was half-way through the list.” – M. G. – Construction

Wishing Got Me Nowhere

“After using this checklist I don’t wish my profits were up; I know how to make them go up! I’ve never been this organized with managing my business cash-flow!” – B. K. – Retail

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The Checklist to Increase Profits Gets Results!
This checklist has been proven to increase profits in many businesses.

We’ve been helping business owners implement the points in this e-manual for years and watching as they lead to the continued success of our clients.

From engineering firms to physicians’ practices, from companies on the verge of bankruptcy to businesses just needing a boost in profits, this checklist, when diligently applied can dramatically improve the bottom line.

Download this e-manual and begin increasing the profitability of your business today!

90 Day money back guarantee
Money Back 90 Day GuaranteeYour satisfaction and success are paramount. We offer a 100%, 90-Day money back guarantee for a full refund if you apply all the points of the checklist and do not experience any profit increase. So, cliché as it may seem, you truly have nothing to lose, but much to gain.

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