Solving cash flow problems for business owners in 34 countries in over 50 industries for over 25 years.

Sandra Simmons has been consulting me on my business over the past year. Since that time she has established savings and excellent accounting records that have allowed me to expand my business and prepare myself for future growth.

Sandra has great vision and very good business skills that have helped me develop my corporation and succeed in all my goals. Through her guidance and coaching I have increased my cash flow, paid down my debts and established funds and accounts that will help me grow further and faster.

She is very professional, honest and sincere. She has worked with me one-on-one and helped me deal with issues in my business that I thought I would never be able to handle or tackle.

I would recommend Sandra Simmons for any business, corporation, or entity wanting to advance in the near future.


Sandra, thanks for the coaching. Your down-to-earth approach and concentrating on the basics was what I needed to get my confidence back, and your ideas about how to raise my profitability and get the Income in faster were great. I really loved your “Income Planning Drill” we did together as it opened my eyes to new possibilities and allowed me to see some mistakes I was making. Really great stuff!

M. DeLaSerna – Optometrist

This software and the training are great! It has cleared up a lot of my questions about managing money. I am relieved I can be in control of my finances in an efficient way with a little effort on a weekly basis.

Clyde K. – DVM

I have attempted budgeting many times, but what I finally learned using this cash flow management software is that I wasn’t using the budgeting correctly or finishing the financial cycle and I would get confused and give up. With Sandra’s tools the debt can finally stop and I feel like I am in control of my financial future for the first time. Awesome program!

Chris G. – Commercial Cleaning Co. – California

I’ve had difficulty keeping in the discipline of cash flow control because I didn’t have the proper tools. This cash flow management software program pulled it all together for me and helped me take full responsibility for my financial condition. In the beginning I had to force myself to spend the 2 hours doing the video training and the 30 minutes a week working in the software to allocate my income properly, but I’m in my 6th week and it is now fun to see my progress and know I am on the right track. I am already seeing progress on paying down my company’s credit card debt and putting little bits of cash aside for things I need to keep my company solvent. I will survive!

M. Toles – Printing Co. – Tampa, FL

Finances have been a troublesome area of my life forever – whether I had plenty of money or not I felt a lot of anxiety about money. Thanks to your cash flow management software program and training materials I now know I have a simple, workable tool to use to control my cash flow and stop the worrying!

Allison P. – Philadelphia, PA

WOW! What an eye opener! The information I learned about cash flow management shook me to my core, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am getting out of debt…finally! This cash flow management software and Sandra’s coaching has opened the doors to possibilities for growth and expansion in my business for the first time in years, especially the information on how to research new streams of income for my business.

F. Richardson – Stamford, CT

After talking with Sandra I realized how straight-forward and simple cash flow management is to understand. I have had the software for some time but didn’t use it because I thought it would be hard to do and take a lot of time. I was wrong! I started using the software immediately and it really is so simple. I finally can control my cash flow and feel confident that my business will succeed financially. Thank you for creating this software for us business owners!

Wendy L. – Retailer – Columbus, OH

I had the cash flow management software for quite some time but I didn’t confront actually using it at all. I tried to get someone else to use it for me but that didn’t work, so I finally decided to use it myself. The software is so simple to use and understand I felt silly for putting it off, and there is so much customer support it is amazing.

Dennis A. – DDS

Thank you for the wonderful cash flow management software that is so easy to understand. While I had been aware that I needed to manage my business cash flow for years, I never really understood how to do it. As a designer I never took a course in managing a business or business finances. Your software makes managing my cash flow extremely easy to do. Thank you!

Gladys Diaz – Interior Designer

I am so excited to get started using this cash flow management software. I’m a business owner and run my household finances as well so the software will really simplify my life.

April P. – Century Electric Services

Sandra’s coaching gave me a lot of great ideas to work with to correct the cash flow situations I am dealing with in my business. I thought it would be hard to do, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the coaching and can get on the road now to achieving my goals.

Janica Hough – Miami, FL

Sandra, your coaching allowed me to realize how wasteful I have been with my company’s hard-earned income, and gave me the tools to act responsibly and be accountable for my cash flow management.

Sandy Cruse – Ft Lauderdale

I have known Sandra Simmons since 2009 and have been using her company’s cash flow management software since that time with outstanding success. When she introduced her new Cash Flow Mojo (CFM) platform I converted to it as one would do with an upgrade on any great system. I own and run a busy Chiropractic office and pride myself on the fact that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to using not only the latest management technologies to run our office, but the most cost effective.

I learned from my experiences over the past 25 years in practice that my most precious commodity is time. I used to spend an agonizing amount time weekly on organizing bills for accounting, saving for taxes, budgeting and plotting our financial strategies and creating reserves that would guarantee a solvent future for the practice and our future retirement.

I had accountants and bookkeepers on my payroll but all they could do is work from what I created. Even with all their knowledge, help and advice I was still missing the key that would ensure that my office financially operated on a day to day basis towards solvency both short and long term.

The truth is I was flying blind financially and I couldn’t figure out why my debt kept increasing when we had so much income, or why I didn’t have any savings set aside.

By using this system it made me aware of how much income I had to spend each week and gave me total awareness of where and how each dollar should be allocated so that not only were we solvent, but winning by creating a future reserve of income.

It used to take me hours to handle this distribution of income and now I do my financial planning in less than 30 to 40 minutes each week. With that my reserve accounts are building, my debts are being correctly handled and paid and we know what our income is, where it should go, and can set up targets and strategies to increase our income.

Cash Flow Mojo is very simple and easy to implement and apply. I can’t imagine how we did what we needed to do before we had CFM. This program is my secret weapon for financial stability.

Sandra, thank you for creating CFM and for helping people like me who utterly hated to do the financial planning in their business. By creating this program, you made it easy and fun to apply the Laws of Financial Success so that I can win in this game. I highly recommend CFM to anyone who wants to financially succeed in any business or personal endeavor they choose.

Dr. Adam Propper, D.C. – Westport CT

For the first time in 3 years I have gained the knowledge to control the finances of my business. I am now on my way to achieving my financial goals. Thank you Sandra Simmons for your help.

Max A. – DDS

Although we had the Cash Flow Management software for quite some time, we never used it. But, finally, we made time to talk to Sandra Simmons, where she asked us about our most pressing financial and business concerns and then actually addressed them.

From that, we signed up for a consultation. The results are many after such a short input of time. Our software is now in use, AND we have a simple financial program to follow which will get us on the road to effectively managing our cash flow and making more money. Additionally, Sandra gave us some great, easy and inexpensive marketing ideas that make sense and are relatively easy to accomplish. One in particular was brilliant!

Sandra gave us effective direction so that I am making more effective use of my time and not spinning my wheels. This was a GREAT investment of our time. Thanks Sandra. Here’s to making and having more money!

T. G., G.M. – Construction Co.

The software training was a real eye opener on how we have been managing our accounts and paying our bills. We have always realized that we needed help and we are so glad we finally made time to use this software. I look forward to seeing positive results in our checkbook. This system will be so helpful in correcting our cash flow situation and will relieve a lot of stress

R. P. – Dentist

Sandra, The customer service experience that I had and always get from you and your company is phenomenal! I don’t feel like I’m a burden when I call you, like at times when I deal with other people or companies, it seems like if I’m bothering them!!!! But with your company it is like really getting help without having to go through an unpleasant experience. I know it was a little late in the evening when I needed your help, and still you did not hesitate. Your software product is just awesome! It definitely delivered what it promised. I have so much peace of mind knowing that my auto repair shop and I are well organized financially. PRICELESS !!!

Peter T – Pete’s Auto Service – Chicago

I can honestly say, the Cash Flow Management software, and working with Sandra, has single handedly been the most important financial decision I have ever made in my life. When I called Sandra, I was 70k in debt (consumer c/c, medical, office build out, business loan, etc.). I run a very successfully wellness center, and with that success, I still couldn’t overcome my huge amount of debt. The stress was overwhelming, and it was consuming my thoughts every single day.

I was accruing a few hundred dollars in credit card interest every month, and didn’t even know it. I had no idea what my monthly business and personal expenses were, had no plan to reduce my debt, nor did I have any savings put aside. I would pay bills as they came, with no direct strategy for that either. Every quarter I would stress not knowing if I would have enough money to pay my business taxes. I was getting letters from debt collectors every day, with no idea how they obtained this information. I was in a financial mess to say the least. I knew by the end of my first call with Sandra that I was going to be ok, and make it through this. Her confidence and certainty assured me I was in the right place.

We figured out every business and personal expense I had to the penny, and made sure that I was not spending more than I was making every week. That sounds like a simple enough concept, but you will be amazed how many people have no idea exactly what they are spending every month. I thought I did, but I was way off. For the first time, I started paying myself first, and was putting small amounts of money into set aside accounts while I tackled my debt, and started to get back on track. Within a few weeks, I started to feel more confident, and the debt and all associated stresses were coming down. At the same time, we discussed ways to really focus on the promotion of my business to increase our office revenue.

I am so happy and proud to say, that in THREE months of coaching with Sandra and using her software system, I became completely debt free. Something that I didn’t think I would not be able to climb out of without financial assistance, I did in a few short months. Now, 8 months later, I have socked away 80k, and we are on our way to having our best year to date financially in our office. Again, coaching with Sandra and using her system has changed my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for that.

Dr. Daryl Gioffre, DC – Gioffre Chiropractic and Wellness Center – New York, NY

I have used this software program for a Fortune 100 company that does a gross of 2.5M a year. It enabled me to turn the company around and move it from red to black within one year. I was also able to establish a reserve account of over $75,000.

If you follow the Cash Flow Mojo program, you will definitely be able to work yourself out of debt, set-up various reserve and savings accounts and increase your profitability.

The program itself is very user friendly and easy to use.

I personally have known Sandra Simmons for several years and she knows what she is talking about. Her expertise in this area is beyond compare and I have personally witnessed what she has been able to do for various companies.

Kathleen L – CEO, Perfect Accounting Service

I’ve been a CPA since 1984 and have always used “old school” methods to analyze cash flow. By that, I mean managing cash and other assets based upon historical accounting statements. I’ve been a colleague of Sandra’s for four years and she really opened my eyes as to how to best manage a firm’s cash resources in an optimal manner. Sandra is a true pioneer in the field of cash flow and wealth management.

Kent H, CPA – Founder of Ozarks Capital Funding

This method works. It worked for my company… I personally know the owners of other companies that Sandra has turned around with it, and it will work for any company, or personal budget, for that matter. Sandra knows her stuff. If you want to be wealthy, you need to implement the process of Cash Flow Mojo.

R. H – Marketing Consultant

When I was visiting my accountant for my annual meeting with him, I was telling him about the cash flow software and he wanted to see how it worked. So I just logged in on his computer with my login info and password to my account and showed him the software with my data and information. He thought it was great and wanted to have his other clients use it too. I told him this is the software tool I’m using now to get my finances of the business in order and increase my cash flow. Thank you.

Irvin L – Author

My name is Dan Sales and I have been using Cash Flow Mojo now for about 10 years. The main reason I use it is because if used properly I can never over spend. I wear the Finance Hat in our organization and we collect payments from a wide assortment of payors. We are a Durable Medical Equipment company and receive money from Insurance Companies, Copays from patients and retail sales. When you have a large amount of money come in it is very easy to think you have more than you really do. I can’t tell you the number of people I have run into whose entire finances crashed from just this one scenario. I am sure most of you have experienced something like this in your life. With Cash flow mojo you know exactly where you are each day of the week or each week of the month. If you have loaded your data correctly into the program each day you take in revenue and you pay your bills using this simple system you will know instantly if you are spending money you don’t have. And when you start doing very large volumes of paid sales it is almost impossible to keep track of it all.

This system allows you to do that and is pretty simple to operate. Thank you,

Dan Sales – Still Me Inc.

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