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Cash Flow Management Software

Cash Flow Management Software CompanyYou will find our Cash Flow Management Software different than any product on the market. It helps the business owner and their financial team quickly and easily perform important tasks that business owners just don’t usually do when they think about how to manage their cash flow. When these tasks are done by the business owner in the software, all of the necessary steps are done in sequence from when the money comes into the business each week to how it is allocated to achieve the financial goals of the business owner for their company.

Financial Consulting

Financial ConsultingWe do professional one-on-one financial consulting with private clients on a pre-paid basis at an hourly rate in small blocks of hours. The number of hours needed to resolve a financial situation would be determined by the individual situation and the goal of the consultation. All consults begin with a review of the Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and most recent company tax return, so we can see what is going on and identify red-flags that would need to be addressed to resolve whatever situation you have your attention on. Our goal, during any consultation, is to develop a plan of action so that the business owner can do some of the work so that their cost is minimized, and to get the business owner’s situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Accounting Review

Accounting ReviewWe review your company’s Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and previous year’s tax return to identify red-flags that need to be addressed to resolve whatever financial situation you have your attention on. This review is always undertaken at the beginning of every financial consulting service, but it can be also done alone as a one-time pre-paid service.

Training Tools

Unleash Your Cash Flow Mojo

Unleash Your Cash Flow Mojo
by Sandra Simmons Author and President – on Amazon Books
This is a book written by our President of our company Sandra Simmons. In this book you will discover that unleashing the cash flow mojo is within the grasp of every business owner who cares to make use of it. This book is not a motivational tool. It is a guide to a new way of thinking about and handling money. It contains the steps of a system and explains how to avoid the fatal mistakes inherent in managing the cash flow in a business. It even goes so far as to guide you through reversing mistakes you have made with money in the past. The key is the sub-title: The Business Owner’s Guide to Predicting, Planning and Controlling Your Company’s Cash Flow. Most business owners work in reverse – using accounting to look at where the money went (often, more than what came in…), rather than PLANNING and CONTROLLING.

Business Checklist to Increase Profits – Training Workbook

Business Checklist to Increase Profits – Training Workbook There is a simple science of managing money correctly that increases profits. Very rich people know this science. It is an old-school science that is based on common sense, discipline and constant vigilance in handling money. Your grandparents probably used this science back in the days before credit cards existed.

This Business Checklist for Increasing Profits is based on the original old-school science before the days of credit. This science worked well back then, and it works even better in today’s economy. You can use the checklist to give your money management skills a tune up and improve your financial condition.

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