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Let Our Cash Flow Management Software Help Your Business Grow Further

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One of the most important tasks that help determine the growth and profitability of small to medium-sized businesses is managing the cash flow. Unfortunately, business owners find themselves facing so much work that they fail to look into, much less handle, the matter. To address this concern, which could lead to bigger problems, we came up with a cash flow management software called “Cash Flow Mojo.”

Created by trusted financial coach Sandra S. Simmons, the software aims to help business owners organize their company’s cash flow—an activity that will eventually lead them to enjoy increased profitability. We know how complicated managing cash flow can be, as it involves a lot of aspects that require focus and careful attention. Its key elements include setting up a budget, paying bills, and settling other expenses, among many others. As such, we offer a tool just for the task.

The software contains several modules that will help you deal with essential cash flow elements. The Budgeting module provides a template that will guide you regarding how much cash flow you need to be bringing in weekly. It also helps you calculate how much money you need to generate in order to get out of your current debts, as well as identify how your company can cut down spending in order to make more profit.

In turn, the Sales & Income Planning module features a cash flow calculator that will enable you to chart sales targets and put up an action plan to reach these targets on a weekly basis. The Income module, on the other hand, will give you a clear view of how much income you can use to properly manage cash flow and avoid overspending. Lastly, the Bills and Credit Debt module will help you pay your dues more effectively.

For over a decade, Sandra Simmons has been helping business owners in Canada and the United States through sound financial consulting and coaching. She assists them by implementing financial strategies that will benefit not only their business, but also their personal finances. With the help of the Cash Flow Mojo software, she also empowers clients to monitor their status and financial progress by themselves.

Don’t let this opportunity to turn things around for you and your company pass by. Browse our website and get started with a 30-day trial of the Cash Flow Mojo to take your business, along with your finances, to the next level.